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With great pleasure and pride I stand before you as the 1st servant of our great organization The Indian Medical Association of Tamilnadu State Branch.The IMA is the largest NGO in our country. Our state is No.2 in the country

The Association started with the purpose to propagate the current updates in the medical field. But it has now become the custodian of our profession hence raising very loud voice on issues affecting our profession.Whenever there is an issue involving Health care and its services IMA comes as your saviour

Though we have many specialty associations the only belligerent Association is IMA which is the mother body of all the associations. This we need to keep in mind always The wings and schemes of IMA like FSS, PPLSSS, AMS, Paramedical Wing and NHB are giving tremendous service to our members.

All these are possible due to tireless work of our Past State Presidents, the past office bearers and the trust and cooperation by all of you. My salutations to everyone who have contributed for our state branch success at this juncture.

I have reached this stage only because of the whole hearted support of my Erode IMA members, and by the support of the leaders of IMA Tamilnadu. I will be failing in my duty if I do not recognize the support of all my family members especially my wife Sumathi Raja who are tolerating my absence during all week-ends.


We are No.2 in position in the country on membership Strength. We have plans to make Tamilnadu as No.1 position in membership with your support. We should enroll more women doctors as our members and stand first in the country. We seek the support of the Tamil Nadu Medical Council in this aspect.


Though it has been included in 2018 amendments, The Medical Service was dropped from CPA by the Central Government in its amendments in 2019. We have been informing our members for proper documentation adhering to standard protocols by our members.


The certain aspects of NMC (Section 32, 50 and 51) is not only affecting the our profession but adversely affecting the public. We are mainly concerned on organized crosspathy and quackery in the passed NMC bill.Some of the private medical colleges are exploiting and the students are facing the hardship.

Protected Zone

We appeal to our State Government to declare all the Hospitals both Government and private clinical establishments as protected zones to render medical service in a safe, peaceful environment. A Doctor or paramedical person should not have any fear psychosis while rendering his or her services.


During my State Secretary period under the Presidentship of Dr. R.V.S Surrendran we have implemented online elections. We are introducing IT wing is our State in order to streamline various programmes to reach our members very effectively and Quickly, which has become the order of the day.

Physical + Mental health of our members

Most often we ignore our own health in serving the public. Every Doctor should take care of his own health without fail. Our profession is becoming very stressful and demanding. There are many suicides among doctors that are taking place globally is an evidence for the above statement. We have plans to reduce the stress level among the Doctors and it will be implemented this year

IMA Task Force: (Hospital Guards)

Every hospital would be having two or more securities. We can give a common uniform and employ fit persons. In the event of crisis we can call and bring them to crisis spot, before the police arrives. This is very easy and possible in order to protect the Hospitals from mob attacks. I request our Honorable Health Minister and Home Minister of Government of Tamilnadu to give recognition a like-wise as that of Home guard. Today I am happy to inaugurate this pilot project at Erode IMA.

Anti Quackery Bill

I appeal to Our Honorable Chief Mminister and Honorable Health Minister to bring an Anti-Quackery bill in order to curb the menace of illiterate and illegal medical treatment. This would certainly improve the image our Government and the medical profession. This will prevent the innocent public who become a prey in hands of quacks. This bill would be first of its kind in the entire country. IMA is very much willing to work with Government in order to bring such a bill. This is practically possible after the implementation of Clinical establishment act.


I am planning to bring patient redress forum in every district. Patients can file about their grievances to the senior member of our profession. This would improve Patient – Doctor Relationship in due course.


I encourage all the IMA branches to start Health and Hygiene club in Government Schools. We would create awareness on
1. Hand wash
2. Awareness about normal communicable and non communicable disease
3. Learning difficulties
4. Child sexual abuse etc.,
I take this wonderful opportunity in welcoming the delegates and office bearers, State and National.I also warmly welcome the friends and relatives, all the well-wishers and all the staff who have assisted and aided me smoothly through the process.

Hearty welcome all of you!


1 Dr. V.D. Nimbkar, Chennai 1940 – 1941
2 Dr. Rao Bahadur T.S. Thirumurthi, Chennai 1941 – 1942
3 Dr. Rao Bahadur T.S. Thirumurthi, Chennai 1945 – 1948
4 Dr. P.A.S. Raghavan, Tiruchirapalli 1948 – 1950
5 Dr. U. Krishna Rao, Chennai 1950 – 1952
6 Dr. K.C. Nambiar, Chennai 1952 – 1954
7 Dr. Y.P. Vasudevan, Coimbatore 1954 – 1957
8 Dr. M. Santosham, Chennai 1957 – 1958
9 Dr. T.V. Sivanandam, Coimbatore 1958 – 1961
10 Dr. C. Nathamuni Naidu, Ambur 1961 – 1965
11 Dr. K. Rama Ayyar, Tirunelveli 1965 – 1966
12 Dr. G.T. Gopalakrishna Naidu, Coimbatore 1966 – 1967
13 Dr. R.G. Krishnan, Chennai 1967 – 1968
14 Dr. S.G. Rajarathinam, Coimbatore 1968 – 1969
15 Dr. S.R. Rajaram, Salem 1970 – 1970
16 Dr. V. Krishnamurti, Cuddalore 1970 – 1971
17 Dr. A. Abdul Sathar, Madurai 1971 – 1972
18 Dr. C. Arumugam, Coimbatore 1972 – 1973
19 Dr. B. Rama Rau, Chennai 1973 – 1974
20 Dr. K. Jayaramachandran, Namakkal 1974 – 1975
21 Dr. T.M. Kumaraswami, Chennai 1975 – 1976
22 Dr. T. Thirugnanam, Madurai 1976 – 1977
23 Dr. R. Nanjunda Rao, Chennai 1977 – 1978
24 Dr. N.V. Muthukrishnan, Tiruchirapalli 1978 – 1979
25 Dr. T. Subramanian, Madurai 1979 – 1980
26 Dr. M. Sivakannu, Tiruchirapalli 1981 – 1982
27 Dr. Jayaseelan Mathias, Nagercoil 1981 – 1982
28 Dr. J. Sugavanam, Salem 1982 – 1983
29 Dr. N.S. Chandrabose, Tuticorin 1983 – 1984
30 Dr. A. Sankaran, Chennai 1984 – 1985
31 Dr. T.K. Ganesan, Coimbatore 1985 – 1986
32 Dr. V. Varadarajan, Thanjavur 1986 – 1987
33 Dr. C.B. Baskaran, Chennai 1987 – 1988
34 Dr. S. Ramadas, Salem 1988 – 1989
35 Dr. V.T.D. Kumaraswamy, Cuddalore 1989 – 1990
36 Dr. V.N. Rajasekaran, Madurai 1990 – 1991
37 Dr. K. Janakiraman, Salem 1991 – 1992
38 Dr. S. Thiagarajan, Tiruchirapalli 1992 – 1993
39 Dr. S. Arulrhaj, Tuticorin 1993 – 1994
40 Dr. P.A. Sivakumar, Villupuram 1994 – 1995
41 Dr. G.V. Ramakrishnan, Chennai 1995 – 1996
42 Dr. T. Kumaraguru, Vellore 1996 – 1997
43 Dr. A.S. Azeem, Madurai 1997 – 1998
44 Dr. R.M. Krishnan, Salem 1998 – 1999
45 Dr. M.S. Ashraf, Tiruchirapalli 1999 – 2000
46 Dr. P.K. Kesavan, Vellore 2000 – 2001
47 Dr. K.R. Balasubramaniam, Erode 2001 – 2002
48 Dr. A. Muruganathan, Tirupur 2002 – 2003
49 Dr. M. Thirunavukkarasu, Salem 2003 – 2004
50 Dr. K. Vijayakumar, Marthandam 2004 – 2005
51 Dr. A. Zameer Pasha, Tiruchirapalli 2005 – 2006
52 Dr. Capt. G. Raghavelu, Tambaram 2006 – 2007
53 Dr. N. Mohandas, Thanjavur 2007 – 2008
54 Dr. L.V.K. Moorthy, Cumbum Valley 2008 – 2009
55 Dr. R. Gunasekaran, Tiruchirapalli 2009 – 2010
56 Dr. S.S. Sukumar, Erode 2010 – 2011
57 Dr. T. Sadagopan, Vellore 2011 – 2012
58 Dr. K. Prakasam, Salem 2012 – 2013
59 Dr. L.P. Thangavelu, Coimbatore 2013 – 2014
60 Dr. M. Balasubramanian, Tambaram 2014 – 2015
61 Dr. R.V.S. Surendran, Karaikudi 2015 – 2016
62 Dr. S. Damodaran, Vellore 2016 – 2017
63 Dr. T.N.Ravisankar, Tambaram 2017 – 2018
64 Dr. J.A. Jayalal, Kuzhithurai 2018 – 2019
65 Dr. S. Kanagasabhapathy, Kumbakonam 2019
66 Dr. C.N. RAJA Present
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