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State President

It gives me immense pleasure and sense of satisfaction to stand before you as President of this great organisation Indian Medical Association – Tamilnadu, with several decades of yeoman service to both community and medical professional.

IMA as the saviour of the medical community has been innovating in accordance to the need of the hour. Be it the CPA, Clinical establishment act, NEET, assault on Doctors or hospitals, suspension of MCI, Bio Medical Waste Management, PC-PDNT act, Accreditation, Insurance, Infrastructure rules, statutory laws, Minimum wages act, shortage of medical and paramedical personals, Quackery, amendments or abolishment of MCI, Code of ethics, IMA has stood like a rock to face the threat to the medical profession.

Often leaders say that Medical Profession is in cross roads. It is not so as a clear path is there for the profession, but the road is not smooth. It is the responsibility of the medical professionals to have the road laid smooth and to charge forwards along with the growth of science, ETHICALLY.

IMA, Tamilnadu State has always had its best days with the Government of Tamilnadu and had achieved the needs for the medical fraternity – example is the act 48 of 2008 and the Doctors Day awards being instituted by the Government of Tamilnadu.

IMA, Head quarters had such great trust and faith with the IMA, Tamilnadu – the CGP office headquarters was granted to Chennai. At their critical hours it’s the united image of IMA, Tamilnadu had been a source of support to the headquarters.

The wings and schemes of the IMA, Tamilnadu; Nursing Home board, CGP , PPLSSS its associated scheme, Family Security schemes are at their best for our members. It’s the appropriate time to bring in some innovation to these wings and schemes to raise their popularity and utility for our members.

NHB with three decades of existence has to percolate more and raise the standards of Hospitals and Nursing homes in our state to maintain its status as the best private Sector in our country. Accreditation by NABH is to be implemented in all the 4000 odd hospitals in Tamilnadu in the next two years for uniformity, qualify and safety.

PPLSSS has done the best to the members. We have to create more legal experts and reach the society to advocate a better, feasible alternate redressal for the medical accidents that are regarded as negligence by the legal experts.

FSS has earned the faith of the family members of the Doctors. If our members spend some time for this scheme we can increase the membership in the scheme thereby the financial benefit for the family also.

College of General Practitioners and Academy of medical speciality goal is to educate the members ethically and legally. We have great academic team within our Association whose potential has to be utilized for the benefit and lets us take these two wings to the second and third tire towns in our State.

With such large utilisation of Smart phone, for the educative value of these two wings, we must utilize this electronic gadget and raise the quality of medical service by providing knowledge and skill to the home / clinic.

Membership is the primary concern of the organisation and every effort put in so far has not yielded the necessary result.

I hope our Vice presidents will induce new ideas and visit the branches to raise our membership so as to leap ahead of the other states and become the first in our country. We need the strong grass root effort by the local branches for the success in membership.

IMA, web site is in the process of revamping, soon the apps model integrating all the wings and schemes will be completed. Local branch leaders need to get us the data base of mobile and email ids completed so that faster, effective communication, becomes the order of the day.

Our demands are there with both the Central and State Governments. IMA, headquarters is at their Job with the Central, we shall give the necessary support as and when needed to our headquarters.

As far with the State government our request are always heard with consideration and implemented with easiness. Some of the demands such as Act to curb quackery, CEA and in PNDT act it needs the governments attention with the least turnaround time. It’s the courts which had come down heavily against our functioning and it’s our duty to present it in the appropriate way to convince the legal system.

IMA – TNSB should be in coordination with all the Speciality Association and lead the state in providing quality service with skilled and knowledgeable professionals. We also appeal to them to encourage IMA membership to their as it is our mother organisation.

Paramedical wing through has been present for years, has now taken a big leap in the past four years. Its goal of providing educated and skilled paramedical is a near possibility. It can be possible only by providing the education and skill with least financial strain to the needed people. Also the financial remuneration for our paramedical must be much more reasonable that the prevailing status, it is they who are with the patients to implement our treatment and are the image of the clinicians and hospitals. Para medical wing intends only to create a fleet of skilled paramedical as a support system and not quackery

Our brand image building is the Camps in the society and to reach out to the community during the need of the critical natural calamities and unnatural calamities. The social conscious local branch leaders and members should involve them self for the demand in their respective places as and when needed.

No goals are fixed for anyone, only dreams are there to be made a reality. If every member has the inner feeling of being part of this great organisation, with ownership one can visualise the growth of the organisation.

Ethical practice can redeem the image of the profession, Nobility is the hallmark of this profession and it is you, who can give the nobility to this profession.

Reach out for the society
Communicate with patients
Be Ethical professionally.
You will be in the hearts of the public.
Long live IMA and our unity.


1 Dr. V.D. Nimbkar, Chennai 1940 – 1941
2 Dr. Rao Bahadur T.S. Thirumurthi, Chennai 1941 – 1942
3 Dr. Rao Bahadur T.S. Thirumurthi, Chennai 1945 – 1948
4 Dr. P.A.S. Raghavan, Tiruchirapalli 1948 – 1950
5 Dr. U. Krishna Rao, Chennai 1950 – 1952
6 Dr. K.C. Nambiar, Chennai 1952 – 1954
7 Dr. Y.P. Vasudevan, Coimbatore 1954 – 1957
8 Dr. M. Santosham, Chennai 1957 – 1958
9 Dr. T.V. Sivanandam, Coimbatore 1958 – 1961
10 Dr. C. Nathamuni Naidu, Ambur 1961 – 1965
11 Dr. K. Rama Ayyar, Tirunelveli 1965 – 1966
12 Dr. G.T. Gopalakrishna Naidu, Coimbatore 1966 – 1967
13 Dr. R.G. Krishnan, Chennai 1967 – 1968
14 Dr. S.G. Rajarathinam, Coimbatore 1968 – 1969
15 Dr. S.R. Rajaram, Salem 1970 – 1970
16 Dr. V. Krishnamurti, Cuddalore 1970 – 1971
17 Dr. A. Abdul Sathar, Madurai 1971 – 1972
18 Dr. C. Arumugam, Coimbatore 1972 – 1973
19 Dr. B. Rama Rau, Chennai 1973 – 1974
20 Dr. K. Jayaramachandran, Namakkal 1974 – 1975
21 Dr. T.M. Kumaraswami, Chennai 1975 – 1976
22 Dr. T. Thirugnanam, Madurai 1976 – 1977
23 Dr. R. Nanjunda Rao, Chennai 1977 – 1978
24 Dr. N.V. Muthukrishnan, Tiruchirapalli 1978 – 1979
25 Dr. T. Subramanian, Madurai 1979 – 1980
26 Dr. M. Sivakannu, Tiruchirapalli 1981 – 1982
27 Dr. Jayaseelan Mathias, Nagercoil 1981 – 1982
28 Dr. J. Sugavanam, Salem 1982 – 1983
29 Dr. N.S. Chandrabose, Tuticorin 1983 – 1984
30 Dr. A. Sankaran, Chennai 1984 – 1985
31 Dr. T.K. Ganesan, Coimbatore 1985 – 1986
32 Dr. V. Varadarajan, Thanjavur 1986 – 1987
33 Dr. C.B. Baskaran, Chennai 1987 – 1988
34 Dr. S. Ramadas, Salem 1988 – 1989
35 Dr. V.T.D. Kumaraswamy, Cuddalore 1989 – 1990
36 Dr. V.N. Rajasekaran, Madurai 1990 – 1991
37 Dr. K. Janakiraman, Salem 1991 – 1992
38 Dr. S. Thiagarajan, Tiruchirapalli 1992 – 1993
39 Dr. S. Arulrhaj, Tuticorin 1993 – 1994
40 Dr. P.A. Sivakumar, Villupuram 1994 – 1995
41 Dr. G.V. Ramakrishnan, Chennai 1995 – 1996
42 Dr. T. Kumaraguru, Vellore 1996 – 1997
43 Dr. A.S. Azeem, Madurai 1997 – 1998
44 Dr. R.M. Krishnan, Salem 1998 – 1999
45 Dr. M.S. Ashraf, Tiruchirapalli 1999 – 2000
46 Dr. P.K. Kesavan, Vellore 2000 – 2001
47 Dr. K.R. Balasubramaniam, Erode 2001 – 2002
48 Dr. A. Muruganathan, Tirupur 2002 – 2003
49 Dr. M. Thirunavukkarasu, Salem 2003 – 2004
50 Dr. K. Vijayakumar, Marthandam 2004 – 2005
51 Dr. A. Zameer Pasha, Tiruchirapalli 2005 – 2006
52 Dr. Capt. G. Raghavelu, Tambaram 2006 – 2007
53 Dr. N. Mohandas, Thanjavur 2007 – 2008
54 Dr. L.V.K. Moorthy, Cumbum Valley 2008 – 2009
55 Dr. R. Gunasekaran, Tiruchirapalli 2009 – 2010
56 Dr. S.S. Sukumar, Erode 2010 – 2011
57 Dr. T. Sadagopan, Vellore 2011 – 2012
58 Dr. K. Prakasam, Salem 2012 – 2013
59 Dr. L.P. Thangavelu, Coimbatore 2013 – 2014
60 Dr. M. Balasubramanian, Tambaram 2014 – 2015
61 Dr. R.V.S. Surendran, Karaikudi 2015 – 2016
62 Dr. S. Damodaran, Vellore 2016 – 2017
63 Dr. T.N.Ravisankar, Tambaram 2017 – 2018
64 Dr. J.A. Jayalal, Kuzhithurai 2018 – 2019
65 Dr. S. Kanagasabhapathy, Kumbakonam 2019 – 2020
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