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National President
Dr. K K Aggarwal

Padma shri & Dr. B C Roy National Awardee

Mobile : 981109 0206

Email : drkknpima2017@gmail.com

Skype @ drkkaggarwal

Apple Face time@+919811090206

Twitter : drkkaggarwal

Facebook : drkkaggarwal

Honorary Secretary General
Dr. R.N. Tandon

Mobile : 9810089490

Email : imahsg2016.18@gmail.com

skype @ ramendra.tandon75

Apple Face time @ +918286058480

1. Immediate Past National President

Dr. S S Agarwal ( Rajasthan)
Email:swasthyajp1@gmail.com, drssantima@gmail.com, drssanpima@gmail.com
M: 9414071676

2. National President –Elect (2017-2018)

Dr. Ravi S Wankhedkar (Maharashtra)
Email: raviwankhedkar@gmail.com, ravinpe1718@gmail.com
M: 9422296495, 8275008761

3. National Vice-presidents

Dr. Roy Abhram Kallivayalil (Kerala)
Email: roykallivayalil@dataone.in, roykalli@gmail.com
M: 9447020020

Dr. K Prakasam ( Tamilnadu)
Email: prakasamima_vp@yahoo.com, prakasam@gmail.com
M: 9443240499

Dr. Mahendra Choudhary (Gujarat)
Email: mhckmc@yahoo.in, drmchaudhari@yahoo.com
M: 9825115632

Dr. Parmanand Prasad Pai (Bihar)
Email: p.n.p.pal@gmail.com
M: 9431432955

4. Honorary Finance Secretary

Dr. V K Monga ( Delhi)
Email: drvkmonga@yahoo.com
M: 9810118256

5. Honorary Joint Secretaries

Dr. Vinod Khettarpal ( Delhi)
Email: vkhetarpal@gmail.com
M: 9811054945

Dr. Anil Goyal ( Delhi)
Email: drgoyalhospital@gmail.com
M: 9811101454

Dr. Ashwini Kumar Dalmiya ( Delhi)
Email: ashwinidalmiya@yahoo.com
M: 9811542055

Dr. Santhosh Kumar Mandal (Bengal)
Email: sssprivate@rediffmail.com, sssprivates@gmail.com
M: 9434188743,9732029436

Dr. B B Gupta (Delhi)
Email: drbbgnd29@gmail.com
M: 9810501778

6. Honorary Assistant Secretaries

Dr. Dinesh Sahai (Delhi)
Email: dinesh.sahai55@gmail.com
M: 9810146852

Dr. Amrit Pal Singh ( Delhi)
Email: amrit1946@yahoo.co.in
M: 9811352807

7.Honorary Joint Finance Secretaries

Dr. Manjul Mehta (Delhi)
Email: drmanjulmehta@yahoo.co.in
M: 9810599150

Dr. Santanu Sen (Bengal)
Email: shantanu_sen2007@yahoo.com, imabengalstate@yahoo.co.in
M: 9830144496,9831018395

8. IMA CGP (Chennai)

Dean of Studies
Dr. V. C. Shanmuganandan (Karnataka)
Email: drvcsnandan@gmail.com
M: 9448068720

Honorary Secretary
Dr. R Gunasekaran (Tamilnadu)
Email: gunadnh@doctor.com
M: 9843055749,9443355749

9. IMA AMS (Hydrabad)

Dr. Joseph Mani (Kerala)
Email: drjmani@gmail.com
M: 9447799321

Honorary Secretary
Dr. Sadanand Rao Vulese (Telangana)
Email: drvsadanandarao@gmail.com
M: 9246213748, 9989822620

10. IMA AKN Sinha Institute (Patna)

Dr. Sarbari Dutta (Bengal)
Email: sarbari.dutta@yahoo.com,riju.dutta1984@gmail.com
M: 9831006325,9830666893

Honorary Executive Secretary
Dr. Raman Kumar Verma (Bihar)
Email: ramankumarverma@yahoo.com
M: 9431293996

11. JIMA (Calcutta)

Honorary Editor
Dr. Dilip Kumar Dutta (Bengal)
M: 9433032986

Honorary Secretary
Dr. Kakoli (Mandal) Sen (Bengal)
Email: j_ima@vsnl.net
M: 9830365871

12. Your Health (Calcutta)

Honorary Editor
Dr. Ashok Kumar Chatterjee (Bengal)
Email: nmo.bankura@gmail.com
M: 9434003004

Honorary Secretary
Dr. Meenakshi Gangopadhyay (Bengal)
Email: drmganguly@yahoo.com
M: 9830247250

13. IMA N.S.S.S. (Ahmedabad)

Dr. Kirti M Patel (Gujarat)
Email: drkirtimpatel@yahoo.co.in
M: 9825386037

Honorary Secretary
Dr. Yogendra S Modi(Gujarat)
Email: dr1yogendra@gmail.com
M: 9824021444

14. IMA N.P.P Scheme (Thiruvananthapuram)

Dr. Krishna M Parate (Maharashta)
Email: krishnaparate@rediffmail.com
M: 9823050572

Honorary Secretary
Dr. A V Jayakrishnan (Kerala)
Email: jkvikram@hotmail.com
M: 9447079074,9847004064

15. Apka Swasthya (Varanasi)

Honorary Editor
Dr. Vivek Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)
Email: vivekrenu2003@yahoo.co.in
M: 9839728966

Honorary Secretary
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Rai (Uttar Pradesh)
Email: srdrsanjayrai@gmail.com
M: 9415225999

16. IMA Hospital Board of India

Dr. R V Asokan (Kerala)
Email: rvasokan@gmail.com
M: 9847061563

Honorary Secretary
Dr. Jayesh M Lele (Maharashtra)
Email: drjayeshlele@gmail.com,imamsmumbai@yahoo.co.in
M: 9819812996

17. IMA National Health Scheme

Dr. Ashok S Adhao ( Maharashtra)
Email: ashokadhao@yahoo.co.in
M: 9423103966,9822473651

Honorary Secretary
Dr. Alex Franklin (Kerala)
Email: dralexfranklin@gmail.com
M: 9447016953

18. IMA National Pension Scheme

Dr. Sudipto Roy (Bengal)
Email: drsudiptoroy@aol.com,newsaraju@gmail.com
M: 9831080813

Honorary Secretary
Dr. K V Devadas (Kerala)
Email: drdevadaspalliative@gmail.com
M: 9387107788,9400567788

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